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There are few dental practices in Australia that Offer a complete range of dental treatments In One Location...

For over twenty-five years David Cox Dental has provided the very best dentistry has to offer. Our investment in choosing high-quality dentists and providing them with advanced dental equipment has been made to benefit you. The high standards our dentists strive to achieve in our dental practice continues to this day so you can be confident you are receiving the best in dental care.

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Dental Treatments Tailored To What You Need

At David Cox Dental we have recognised the importance of your teeth in relation to your oral and general well-being. We aim to maximise your oral health, whilst maintaining your natural teeth for life.

Every person is unique and therefore so is every mouth. With this in mind David Cox Dental provides complete personalised oral care for every patient. David Cox Dental will create an individual treatment plan for you, specifically formulated to achieve the results you desire. Our motivated dental team, care about your oral health and work tirelessly toward achieving healthy teeth and gums. We believe this is the gateway to all over vitality and health.

Convenience Of All The Dental Services You Need In One Location

The philosophy that sets us apart is that we provide you with almost all the dental services you could need under one roof. This saves you time and hassles by allowing you see the dentists and dental specialists you need at a location that is conveniently located near you.

In addition, to our comprehensive roster of qualified dental professionals, David Cox Dental provides patients with access to a visiting Periodontist, Oral Surgeon and Prosthetist. This is along with high quality orthodontic and sedation facilities that most dental surgeries do not have.

The Latest Dental Technology To Enhance Your Comfort

From lasers to new materials for bonding the tooth surface, we keep up to date with the latest technologies so your trip to the dentist is pleasant and effective. Modern technologies allow for painless treatments and better dental health. By using natural-looking materials we maintain the appearance of your smile to create a seamless result.

At David Cox Dental this occurs because of a combination of skill, training, techniques, technologies and systems that have made the average dental visit, a world class experience.

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